The most popular thing in real estate design these days are decorative trim such as ship lap siding, wainscoating, bead Charleston SC carpentryboard, and distressed wood accent walls however finding the right expert carpenter to do this sort of thing can be hard. Especially if you don’t want to pay an arm and leg.

Here in Charleston SC most of the higher end homes have this sort of decorative trim throughout the home, but many of us who aren’t in the luxury home market also want these beautiful sorts of details, and design accents. Well, look no further, we can do it for you and at an everyday man’s price. There are a few ways to achieve this design look, either through installing actual pieces of nice wood, using MDF (medium density fiber board), or actual “old school” ship lap siding. All have their own look and feel and methods to installation. If you don’t know how to cut around things like outlets, doors & windows or switch plates then let us do the work. Our expert carpenters have done fine wood trim work all over Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah, Downtown, James Island, and more.

wood accent walls charleston scIf you can locate old distressed wood, or barn board then you can pull off an even cooler looking rustic design feel for your home, that you have likely seen done on HGTV, or THIS OLD HOUSE.  Classic bead board is always in style, and especially here in Charleston SC where the old historic mansions of Charleston, and plantation homes are usually adorned with it. Providing an elegant look bead board although not impossible for the DIY weekender, can prove to be challenging if it’s not hung properly since it comes in large sheets, but that’s where our carpenters come in. Ever wanted to have decorative trim such as crown moulding? Many people purchase/build homes from large tract builders here in Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding areas, and these builders have carpenters that can do designer trim, custom closets, etc. Unfortunately, it Trim Carpenters Charleston SCdoesn’t come cheap when you have them do it. The standard mark up on “extras” or “upgrades” is 3x what it actually costs do it. So, if you are having a home built by a large tract home builder such as Pulte, Beazer, DR Horton, John Weiland, or Lennar it is better to forego them doing it for you, and hiring a carpentry professional to come in after you have closed on it, and have the trim carpentry done.

Adding simple yet beautiful wood trim, and decorative wood accents can make all the difference in the sale of your home as well. Most buyers look for these upgrade elements in the houses they look at, and can often times be the one thing that separates your house from another in the neighborhood. For only a $1000 or so can net you 3 or 4 times what your investment was to have it put in.

The same thing goes for outdoor living areas, framing, and building a small screened in porch or deck will cost an average of $15,000 – $25,000 if the community’s builder does it, but our deck builders can do it at a fraction of that. So if you have been thinking about making some updates to your home, adding some new character and “sexy” designer looks to wow your friends and family give us a call we’d love to send out one of our guys and help you.