We have been the construction experts of choice to the commercial leaders, multi-family housing providers, individual new custom home developers, and Charleston Historic Renovations as a design-and-build  construction and remodeling company in Charleston, South Carolina.

Because of his long-standing reputation as a high-quality professional, were have been engaged by a long-time business associate in 2001 to determine how and why a relatively new commercial building was structurally failing. From this assessment experience, we realized there was a profound need for a forensic construction assessment service provider in the region and subsequently launched this service in 2002.

Recently our team was commissioned by a local attorney why he thought we are seeing so many commercial and residential structural or component failures . . . problems such as water intrusion issues and major construction deficiencies.

We provide professional construction assessment services and dispute resolution to a broad spectrum of clients: Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Individuals, Corporations, Associations, General Contractors, Builders, and Developers. Detailed Property Assessments may include destructive testing, measuring, evaluating, forensic photography, remediation plan development and detailed professional project estimating.

We say: “it is all about what is important and what seems to be the most expedient these days. In the past – from a historic perspective, people took pride in doing the job right the first time. They used the right materials, which helped secure the property for time’s test, but today it seems to have become all about what is fastest. It’s whoever can do it the fastest and at the lowest price; then let the next guy worry about the resulting problems. That may seem a little cynical but as we so often hear people say, the proof is in the pudding”.

What we are focused on details:

  • Was there code compliance?
  • Were the material manufacturer’s installation instruction processes followed properly?
  • Were the best-suited materials used for the project?
  • Was it built according to the plans and the specifications created?
  • Was it approved by the engineer and architect?
  • Was the work process documented?
  • Were the workers skilled craftsmen or merely cheap laborers?